Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekly Updates (Spending, Work, & Money Goals)

Weekly Spending-ish
I can't really say why... but we just decided to spend money... Clothes, harvest decorations, eating out for SCB... and we bought a door (but more on that later...) We spent money and I don't really feel bad about it... and next week we will spend more money too because we will have they final cruise expenses. I love my decorations (more on those later too). So i'll just keep this re-cap of our week short and sweet.

September 11
  • Fresh & Easy: $44.90
  • Costco: $29.64 (Milk, Laundry Detergent, and conditioner)
  • Gas for SCB: $38.51
September 12
September 13
  • Homeowners Insurance: $335.00
  • Earthquake Insurance: $257.00
  • Doctor's Bill: $93.19
  • McDonalds: $23.62
September 14
September 15

  • McDonalds: $4.31
  • McDonalds: $8.77
  • Kohl's: $40.27

September 16

  • Chipotle: $13.68

September 17

  • Home Depot: $21.67 +$50.62 +$10.74
  • Big Lots: $71.12
  • Michael's: $94.12
  • Jack in the box: $15.58
  • Walmart: $45.96
Job & Work Updates:
There is a guy at SCB's work who got hurt on the job... so they have been operating the last week one man down. So he's been working harder... and longer. Looks like he maybe getting some overtime on the next paycheck or so (not the one he just got)... which will be a nice way to make up for the week he won't be getting paid at all for... but thankfully that's a "three paycheck" month for us so the extra one will be short we think.

I'm just mums the word about my job and i'm glad i'm now on vacation :)
Money Goals:
Retirement is staying the same this week since we paid for all our shopping and the Doctors visit. We also took $300 and set it aside for SCB's eventual dentist visit next month... and we knocked out our last annual bill for our AAA roadside card ($48). Its good to know that in the event that we get into a bind we have all our annual bills saved up besides our insurance bills since we budget those in monthly.   
  • Operation Roth IRA: $486.18/$5,000.00... 9.72% Saved
  • Travel Fund: $480.10
  • Child Share Fund: $138.00
  • General Giving: $185.70

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