Thursday, September 22, 2011

Phone calls... Phone calls... & more Phone calls

We were trying to get a bunch of loose ends finished up before we headed off to relax.

Dentist Appointment
We called the dentist and scheduled an appointment for South County Boy to get his check up and cleaning done for the first Saturday in October since that was the earliest we could get him in without it affecting his work schedule. We know he's going to need to get a lot of work done.... we'll be saving up a big chunk of dough because we really don't know how much it will end up costing us even with the insurance... especially since the insurance isn't the best in the world when you need work done. It's great for cleanings and checkups mind you, but not the best all around. Thankfully though, my dentist is fabulous and I heart her work so that makes up for any downsides that come along with the insurance because without it, I would never have tried her office.

Sprint Wireless
We got our Sprint bill in the mail... and we noticed our $125 credit... but it was supposed to be $50 more. I saved the card that it was originally written on and I called the guy personally who sold us our phones. He remembered us cause we cracked jokes while we were there... and frankly no one forgets the newly married couple when the wife is 5'1'' and spunky and her husband is 6'5'' and a wall flower :) He told me he'd call me the next day... and when he didn't return my call I called him back again. He told me that by Monday my account should be fixed so we are holding off making the payment until we get back from our trip... If not I told him that we would call him again personally when we got back state side...

I went ahead and called the DMV and made 2 appointments for the same day during the first week of October . Once to change my name on my license. One to change the title on my car into my correct name. Well see how that goes next month. 

Sprint again...
We needed to call to find out about any charges we may or may not receive from being on a boat with our cell phones... Apparently Airplane mode is safe so we can use our phones still as e-readers when we want to read pool side :)


  1. we're lucky in UK/Europe as most phone providers offer cap plans for data roaming. That said, I always have my data roaming turned off unless I specifically want to use data. I also turn off all push notifications & set my email to fetch so that if I do need to use data, it's only for what I specifically want. Have a great trip!

  2. Well done on the correct use and spelling of the word LOOSE! As opposed to when you LOSE your keys, or LOSE some weight. Keep up the good work and I'll feel better about your cum laude degree! hehe!

    Hope you're having fun!