Tuesday, September 27, 2011

ING Direct Changes

Last night while i was attempting to rectifying all of our accounts (and failing), I logged into ING Direct and was hit with a very interesting new change.

Before I tell you about that though, I thought I'd update you in case you haven't heard. As part of the Bank Bail Out that happened months and months ago, ING DIRECT was sold off to Capital One... and no one around the blog-o-sphere seems to be happy about it...

And it looks like we had good reason to be upset about the sell off. The first email change happened weeks ago and I didn't mention it on here because it doesn't really effect me too much. "They" (the goons at Capital One), decided to limit the amount of money people were allowed to transfer or get their hands on in one day from no limit... to only $5k (and left a little note at the bottom that if you need more they will transfer it, but only after a phone call....)

Then last night they stopped instant transfers with no warning. Normally you could pull money from your checking account into savings (and savings to checking) instantly. No waiting. The next screen showed all the changes automatically. Now you have to wait for the next day for the money to move... and I'm not pleased with that change at all. One of the features I loved was that it was instant. If I ever miscalculated something I could always just make a transfer from savings to checking and not worry about it...

I love the bank the way it was was, why change it? All the accounts are at the same branch, on the same screen, but no... not anymore. I have A LOT of money there and if they continue to play these games with me, my money will move elsewhere...

Please don't die my little orange bouncy ball...


  1. I am so glad that ING don't change for us here in Canada. I would hate it if I had to put up with what your dealing with.

  2. I have already moved all of my money out of ING. Hope you get everything solved


  3. ya they fixed everything. It was a temporary glitch in the system and now everything works again!