Monday, August 1, 2011

Work Updates+ Xbox Fund

SCB got 2 gigs with Labor Ready last week... only one that we have the physical paycheck for since the other one happened on Friday and SCB had to stay late washing dishes long after Labor ready was closed up for the night.

Apparently the company he works for (Bon Appetite) has been having issues and Labor Ready might suspend their contract and no longer supply them with employees... add that and the fact that the normal hiring manager is on his honeymoon, explains why SCB hasn't been issued stable work through them yet.

He did get invited back for Monday, but he had to decline because he has a job interview... yup, that's right. A real interview with a company!!!!

Last week I mentioned a driving job that SCB applied to... the one where he had to submit a good driving record from the DMV.... We didn't hear anything back from anyone last week, but on Friday he got the call.  So my husband decided to take a gamble and be straight with the guy.

He told him that when he was 19 that he shoplifted, got caught, and paid his fines and did his probation.... but that it was still on his record because it had happened in Utah and he couldn't petition for it to be removed until January...

But he also told him about how that mistake was affecting him in his hunt for a job. He mentioned to him the other jobs where he'd been offered a position only to have it rescinded when the background check was performed... despite being upfront and honest with the managers about his past.

and the guy was impressed with his honesty and told him to come in...

Maybe we will get lucky this time...

The jobs far away, but according to a friend of ours, you move up quickly and that might just be worth it (or at least its better than washing dishes hopefully... if not that's always floating around too.)

On Sunday my husband also helped our contractor friend move and pack some boxes for a woman who was moving into an assisted living unit and needed to vacate her apartment. He didn't earn much, but we did end up with an older model Cuisinart food processor, a variety of tools, and a fantastic mixer... plus $24. Looks like the xbox fund is slowly growing. Between the half day of work unloading a truck and the moving day, we have $50 towards it.

Walmart, Amazon, & Costco, sells the Xbox 360 250 GB console for $299.00... so it looks like we should save up $350.00 for the xbox.

While we will save up the whole amount for the Xbox, we are kind of hoping that we can find a great deal on one on Black Friday. Most stores will throw in a free gift card if you spend "X" amount... so we may be able to find a better deal at a later time so keep your eyes peeled folks.

$50 / $350 Saved.... 14.28% there...


  1. Really hope the job comes through for your husband!! :) Awesome that you were able to put a few more bucks towards the xbox fund as well!

  2. You read my mind. I was just getting ready to suggest Black Friday! Walmart normally has online only deals that compare to the deals they have in the store.

  3. Sometimes I order things off Amazon Marketplace because they will have prices similar to Amazon and also offer free shipping but I won't have to pay sales tax since it's out of state. Just a suggestion!

  4. We normally do really well on black friday so i'm hoping we can score a few gift cards to use towards other gifts... but we got spoiled black friday shopping in utah... less people out with snow on the ground.