Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Another quick fix... this time its free

Apparently we are just turning into a bunch of "do it yourself-ers" in the land of our newly married bliss... and its all good, especially when it's totally working out well for our pocket book... (and with all our random extra spending we won't be complaining about any additional frugal hacks we pick up in the weeks to come)...

Like this one: Since my husband works a lot outside with his NEW job (woot woot), he's been wearing his ball cap more often... His gross, Nasty work cap

And no, he didn't compete in or finish the Portland marathon (I'd be lucky to get him to do a 5k-- but he's a wonderful support system for when I do marathons.)...

He wears it so often that it's permanently stained and gross which is why he wears it to work because he no longer cares about what it looks like. There is just one problem. Since he's worn it so much, the lip under the hat never stays where it should... and since my husband actually goes to put on a ball cap kind of funny, the lip underneath is always falling down across his forehead... and it bugs the poo out of him.

I bought another baseball cap in Utah last summer... but my husband has dubbed it as HIS "good non work hat" so suggesting he wear that one instead won't fly... especially since in a month or so it would be completely ruined and stained as well...

So another simple fix is in order... This time its free! But before I could begin I forced him to toss it in the washing machine and clean it because it was really nasty... Once it was clean and dry I got to work.

I took a needle and thread while I was watching a show and stitched the little flapping piece up so it can't bother him anymore... Since the hat had embroidery on the front I needed to be careful to only stitch through one layer of the hat or you'd see the black thread on the front side.

In return I got him to finally fold the laundry and help me with the dishes that have been piling up.

We are still trying to balance out chores with both of us working full time... being stubborn helps a little bit... but we are getting better each week with finding balance.

The finish product still looks horribly stained despite the wash, but at least it will bother him less until he's willing to surrender it to the trash can...

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  1. Just a suggestion, you might try soaking the cap in a mild solution with Oxyclean or the like. Even for a day or two. I have saved items I had given up on!