Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weekly Spending, Debt Update & Groceries/Meal Plans

Here's our spending for the week:
June 12: $0.00

June 13: $30.82
  • $30.82 (gas for SCB)
June 14: $0.00 
June 15: $0.00
June 16: $0.00
June 17: $0.00
------Transferred $50 to Christmas fund
------Transferred $143 to our insurance fund
June 18: $137.80
  • Costco: $19.97
  • Target: $58.39
  • Best Buy: $20.64
  • Fresh & Easy: $26.84
  • Subway: $11.96

SCB needed some glue and a can of air to finish his computer so we picked those up at Best Buy with the cash my mom gave me last night for helping her with her work test that she needed to do on-line (I refused the money at first, but she insisted because it took 3 hours to do and she wanted to leave us with a little cash if we wanted to grab a bite out for dinner since it was late when she left and I wasn't able to start dinner while she was here).

At Target we picked up some gum, a box of cereal, a table fan, and a bathing suit. (We found out cereal is cheaper at Target than fresh and Easy and I've been having mad snack cravings lately so instead of hitting the munchies in the cabinet we picked up some sugar free gum to keep me occupied so I don't run towards the food and over eat and look fat on my wedding day. The weather has also been warming up and the bedroom doesn't have a wall unit AC so we picked up a small fan to help blow the AC into the bedroom since we've been keeping the house locked up more. As for the swim suit, we are planning a beach day before the wedding with my soon to be new family... and my bachelorette party will also be a little pool side at times so I needed a strapless suit that wouldn't give me horrible tan lines for the big day and that would also be appropriate for a family occasion. Found a cute little number that I'll actually wear all summer!) We took some extra money not allocated for the wedding to cover these.  

Debt Update:
With the unexpected paycheck from my Fiance's old retirement account, we were able to make a little progress this week. He also got work on Friday (10 hours working in that office kitchen again) but he couldn't pick up his check because Labor Ready was closed when he got off of work for the day. We will get that check on Monday and include it in next weeks total. He also might have work on Monday with with same people, but he won't find out until he picks up his paycheck because the guy didn't mark on his slip to come back (but he also didn't mark for the other guy to return either because they both had to work late finishing some stuff up.) So we are crossing our fingers for work on Monday. 
  • Current Amount Saved:$959.00
  • $541 left to go and 21 days until we are hitched!

Grocery Shopping:
We hit Costco this week and picked up a 2LB block of Cheese ($5.29) that we will grade up and freeze, 2 more gallons of fat free milk ($4.69) because we drank both last week, and a double package of deli meat ($9.99). Total spent: $19.97. SCB will make some yummy bread in the bread maker so we can have sandwiches for lunch this week.

We hit fresh and easy for the rest of our staples for the week:
  • 2 jars of Alfredo Sauce ($1.99 each)
  • 1 can of Tuna ($0.69)
  • 2 cans of Tomato Soup ($0.89 each)
  • Mustard ($0.89)
  • Relish ($1.99)
  • Hot Dogs ($1.49)-- Snacks for SCB... or a fast meal in a pinch
  • Jeannie-o turkey keilbossa: ($3.79)
  • Stuffing ($1.29)
  • Granola ($2.98
  • Salad bag (to mix with the spinach, cucumber, mushroom, tomatoes, and romaine from last week) $1.99
  • Grapes ($0.99lb, $3.20)
  • 2lbs Ground Beef ($2.49 lb, $4.98)
  • Vanilla Yogurt 4 pack ($2.79)
Total:31.84 - $5off coupon attached to this weeks ad, =$26.84

Meal Plans:
Last week we were pretty good with sticking to our meal plan for the week (sometimes we ate different meals on different days). The only exception was that we didn't cook keilbossa because that was the night of my mom's test so we ended up eating hot dogs because it was easy and we both didn't have the energy.

Here's our plan for this week:
  • Saturday- Between the subway and having quesadillas, that will make dinner for us because we have church tonight.
  • Sunday- Homemade pizza bread (our bread dough mix stuffed with mozzarella cheese, peppers, pineapple, mushrooms, olives, onion, and pepperoni for SCB)... then bake and eat... option, dip in marinara or spaghetti sauce.   Since the pepperoni is minor, this counts for one of our meat free nights.
  • Monday- Grilled Cheese. We really liked this last week so we are having it again. :) Mine will be pepper jack and mushroom, SCB will be just pepper jack. We can pair this with a salad or tomato soup. Meet free night 2
  • Tuesday- Pot luck bible study night. We are bringing salad to contribute, and others are bring the fixings for spaghetti (which is why we aren't doing Pasta like normal on Saturday this week.)
  • Wednesday- Mexican sandwich night. (1 lb Ground beef browned and drained, add a can of drained kidney beans, 16oz of tomato sauce, red pepper and cumin to taste.... then you take a plate, put cooked plain rice on the bottom, add the meat and bean mixture on top, and then top that with your favorite taco toppings like diced onion, shredded cheese, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, cilantro etc and eat with tortilla chips or a fork, or in a flour tortilla.)
  • Thursday- My bridesmaid is coming over since shes now done with her semester so we will do burgers on the grill with fruit and a salad... or i'll make homemade steak fries to go with. 
  • Friday- Shake and bake chicken, mash potatoes, apple sauce, and peas. 


  1. You are right on track aren't you? Well done indeed.
    A question - you mention your fiance making bread in the bread machine but in an earlier post you also mention making bread by hand yourself. I am trying the latter and not doing too well. Is it possible to have your recipe?
    Thanks, Jan

  2. Sure. I'll tack it up in a post so I have more room to describe the steps!