Thursday, June 16, 2011

Motivation is good...

It seems like after I blog about something that's stressing me out, I find lots of energy to accomplish it... or something comes along to make things easier! (thanks blog karma?)

We were stressing about SCB getting work, and then the check appeared in the mail from his old work account. If it was a larger amount, we wouldn't have cashed it out with the penalty, but since it was only a couple hundred it won't hurt us in the long run.  He was out of work for 2 weeks and that probably would have been about half of what we could have stashed away if he was working the amount he normally does... and there is further light at the tunnel... he got a call from Labor Ready yesterday and apparently gets to go back to his old gig on Friday. 

We don't know if he will get invited back (or if he's just filling in for the day) but its something and the call totally perked him up emotionally because he's been down about waiting in line for 2 weeks and getting nadda... and that emotional thing is the best blessing right now because i don't have the energy to lift him up with all the wedding details getting the best of me at times. 

and I've also made a good dent in the wedding to-do list by just trying to mark everything off:

  • I called back about the food trays and missed the guy in the office so i'll have to call back today.
  • I got the confirmation on the new programs/outlines.
  • We dented some of the marriage counseling questionnaires...
  • I sent out some notices about our location change to those who I won't see before the wedding.
  • and I think everyone will be present at the rehearsal minus one bridesmaid. 
  • I called the lady doing my hair and shes going to call me back with all the details.
  • (we have a back up hair stylist if need be who's doing all the girls hair for $20 a pop) 

we still need to make the reception play list for the Ipod and make sure it works with my "Bro's" system.
I still need to write several thank you letters by hand...
I still need to write those vows and finish the pre-marital questions.
I need to book the cruise on Friday (we will deal with our wedding night hotel later... we may just come home)

and i'm still waiting on the wedding planner to email me back with everything I asked her... and so I can get the wedding outline going. 

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