Saturday, May 21, 2011

We got our marriage certificate!

One of the regular employees at my fiance’s part time gig (through Labor Ready) pulled him aside on Thursday to talk about hours and scheduling. My fiancé was a little worried because this hadn't happened before... and earlier that day he had actually forgotten his time card at home and Labor Ready had to fax another one over to their office so he could still work (his time cards now live in the car so he can’t forget them at home).
So it’s safe to say he was a little bit nervous that the guy was talking to him about hours and scheduling, especially since he thought he had lost the gig when he came without his time card..
Apparently Fridays are their slowest day and they don’t need 3 workers from Labor Ready to come in and work in the kitchen because less people are in the building. My Fiance only worked last Friday because their regular second guy couldn't show up so his position went up for grabs and he was able to take it because he was first in line at Labor Ready (See Labor Ready and the Job Hunt).
So, since my fiancé was the newest guy there and therefore had less seniority, he told him that he was going to have to take Friday off since the other two guys with more seniority choose to work.
BUT Before he could freak out about losing the position, the guy told him that he would mark on his time card for them to have him come back out on Monday so he wasn't losing the gig altogether.
So, we decided to take this opportunity as a blessing in disguise and seize the opportunity to get our marriage license.
On Thursday night we filled out an online application for a marriage certificate for the local county office. We couldn't book an appointment for the next day because it was already booked up… but the site said that appointments weren't necessary so we decided to wing it and take a chance.
My fiancé came by my work during my lunch hour and we took the freeway and drove over to the County Office (which is conveniently in the area and took us less than 10 mins to get there!!!). While we briefly stood in line we got to see a happy bride walk out of the office after having her civil ceremony. While the county office is really pretty, I’m glad we get to have a ceremony and reception at our new location so our friends and family would get to be there--- that would be the one thing i'd miss the most if all the plans fell through and we needed to get married at the court house.  
Anyway, the lady was able to pull up our online application from the night before. While she was printing us off a copy to verify, we simply made small talk. My fiancé asked me if I wanted to grab a bite if we had time before going back to the office (and continuing my shift from 8am to 9pm… yup a 12 hour day today because today is the start of the new lifeguard course at work --happy overtime!) but we wouldn't have the time despite our luck with the short lines and my lunch was at the office hanging out in the fridge. We instead decided that we'd grab a soda together from the vending machine back at my work and spend a few mins together if we had any time left.
The woman at the counter asked us to raise our right hand and swear to the best of our abilities that all the information we gave was truthful... after parting with $61.50, my fiancé and I had our marriage license… and he didn’t have to lose his job for us to get it!
(Previously we believed that my fiancé would have to elect to miss a day at work for us to get our license... and therefore forfeit his temp job through Labor Ready.)  The county office is only open M-F and those are the days he works and at Labor Ready, you only have a job if you can show up every day. The first day you can’t make it they give it to someone else and  you have to get back in line the next day and wait for a new job to open up that fits your skill set... that's how he got the job in the first place... someone else failed to show up.
But there's something even awesomer still (yes, I know it’s not a word but I’m determined to use it anyway cause this tidbit is just great)...  My contractor friend called my fiancé up on Thursday night and asked him if he would help him out on Friday with installing more mirrors at that hotel up in L.A. since the next shipment came in for a different floor!!! So, my fiancé was still able to get some work in for today (earned $50) and we got our certificate. It seems like luck is on our side!

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  1. Congratulation! It's a huge step and I'm sure you guys were really nervous. It's always nerve racking when you have to raise your right hand and swear. Next is the wedding right? ;)