Saturday, May 7, 2011

Properties Sold in the Last Four months

1 bedroom, 1 bathroom condo comps in my area this year thus far:

January 2011

  • $115,000.00 Short Sale (Complex D)

February 2011

  • $145,000.00 Forclosure (Complex B)
  • $155,000.00 REGULAR SALE (Complex A)

March 2011

  • $115,000.00 Short Sale (Complex C- Where I live)
  • $135,000.00 Forclosure (Complex D)

April 2011

  • $115,000.00 Short Sale (Complex A)
  • $105,000.00 Forclosure (Complex D)
  • $159,900.00 Forclosure (Complex B)

Complex A: Pool, carport parking, fireplaces
Complex B: Pool, garage, fireplace
Complex C: Decal Parking
Complex D: Carport parking

Looks like prices are all over the map. Complex D, which is the most similar to mine (but smaller square footage), went from $115,000.00 to $135,000.00 to $105,000.00! (not all units had photos so I can't comment on condition).

My place is in better condition then the similar unit that sold back in March (it had photos) so its good to know its worth at least $115,000.00, but that sold as a DISTRESSED sale... infact all of them did in the list with the exception of one... and it went for $155,000.00... So i'm going to say that my place is worth at LEAST what I paid for it at $120,000.00.

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