Sunday, April 17, 2011

Offermatic... how I love thee

So, Last week I went to Target to purchase some items, and now i'm getting $10.00 of hard cold cash added back into my checking account for making that purchase... all because of Offermatic. I register my cards (they track info like Mint, so its totally safe and secure), and every now and then they send me an "offer" based on my regular shopping habits. I then log into my account, activate the offer, and I have 2 weeks to make a purchase at that store. If I do, I get a refund of my purchase from offermatic.

Last time, I got an offer for 10 off $20 at Target... on ANYTHING. As long as the total is $20 or more, I get the deal.

This time I liked a deal on facebook and got to choose where I wanted my free $10 off $20 coupon... so I did Target because I knew I could pick up some things for the house like trash bags and other cleaning type things.


No ones paying me to write this post. I just heart saving money. If you want to check out offermatic, please click on MY REFERRAL LINK

Today, I've saved $20 thru offermatic.

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