Saturday, January 23, 2010

Retirement Perspectives: DOWN 0.21%

The honeymoon is over... Its back to the up and down turns of the market... Sadly, because I couldn't use that last check in December to use to slowly buy shares, I haven't been able to add more money to my retirement accounts, and I won't be able to until I get paid next week. So hopefully I'll get to buy some more shares soon... here are the sad little factoids... sniff sniff

My Goal is the leave the workforce on my 55th birthday, 11,427 Days from now...

401 Account: Approximately 2.82 % of my portfolio
• $713.50 (Employer Paid 1% of Salary); $747.16 Worth
o Up 4.71% from inception, +$33.66
o Milestone 2040 makes up 100%

457 Account: Approximately 3.90% of my portfolio
• Was employer funded but future contributions discontinued (minimal interest earned)
o Positive $1,032.92

ING DIRECT Roth IRA: Approximately 9.72% of my portfolio
• $2,500.00 Invested; Worth $2,573.62
o Up 2.94% from inception. Positive $73.62
o CD’s ranging from 1.65% to 4.5% (savings 1.30%).
o Current Average CD rate 2.866%

ShareBuilder Roth IRA Approximately 42.88% of my portfolio
• $11,500 Invested; Worth $11,359.16
o DOWN 1.22% since inception… Negative $140.84
o Strategic Allocation Moderate 100.00%
o I have 1,383.576 Shares
o For my account to break even, shares would have to be: $8.32

Excluding my Pension, my variable retirement accounts are worth $15,712.86. Of that I’ve only invested $14,000 of my money (the rest has been my employer). So technically I’ve made 12.22% If I compare all the “free money” and my contributions (Totals 15,746.39), my portfolio is DOWN 0.21% since inception.

Pension: Approximately 40.68% of my portfolio
If I quit tomorrow, I’d just have the cash in the account.

Total: $10,776.09

• I’m currently buying additional time in my retirement accounts from when I was 16-18 years of age (service prior to membership). It’s less then a year’s worth of service credit, but I’ll be paying $33.06 for 37 more installments.

My entire portfolio (if I cashed my pension out today) is worth $26,488.95

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