Saturday, November 28, 2009

I spent $565.46 on Black Friday… …

I spent $565.46 on Black Friday… …

But before you freak out… I was black Friday shopping for more than just me. My sister owes me $222.50… Boyfriend owes me $81.19

So I spent $261.77…. But I’m puppy sitting this week and am getting $195 from that… Plus I have $50.00 in CC rebates I have to cash still…

Which means I only “spent” 16.77 to finish my sister’s birthday presents (she’s the Big 25), her xmas, her boyfriends xmas, My boyfriends sister, his mother, his father, his brother in law, &&&& bought stuff for my condo.

Success. Since I got $10.00 in target gift cards for every $100.00 I spent on Black Friday, I got $30.00 in gift cards as my commission for the one actually in the stores buying things with my 2% cash back CC.

All that’s left is boyfriends xmas and some small things for friends. (My sister, her boyfriend, and & are going in together to get him a Wii. Maybe I’ll buy that at Target with the $30.00 in gift cards?)


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