Saturday, October 17, 2009

Remodel update

I don’t know how, but it seems I keep finding stuff I have to re-paint in my condo almost every day I go over there... that I didn’t realize I had to paint before… First it was the ceilings. After we painted the walls in my bedroom and put the white face plates on the new outlets and switches, the ceiling looked really dingy… I bought the paint but we just haven’t gotten that project started because I’m really short and need a taller step stool or an actual ladder (I’m 5’1’’). Then we realized the doors were really icky and they would need the bright white makeover… and so on.

And since the only thing I can really do by myself right now is paint, I’m the painting QUEEN… surprisingly, I’m getting better and better every time. I was getting really frustrated with my closet trim and the shelving unit and then BAM, I looked and it was perfect. Somehow I did the edging perfect without painters tape. I couldn’t get the tape to line up right in this one area, so I tried it without the tape and wow. I’m impressed with myself. So, last night I finished all the trim in my smaller closet so only the ceiling is left.

And my bedroom is all painted with the exception of the ceiling, again due to the lack of a ladder… oh and I also need to paint the door jamb (because I painted one side of the door last night).

My other closet is a nightmare. I have to keep re-painting as I screw up little areas. (Why? Because I’m too short for the deep shelves and my tiny little hands can’t reach far enough with the stool.) Like I said, operation find a ladder shall commence today. By the end of the weekend I want both at least painted if not finished. That way something is completely done and I can rejoice in one tiny area being completely finished.

I also need to paint all the base boards for my bedroom and the two closets. =(
Here’s what still needs to get done off the top of my head. (just so you know we’re starting in the back of the place and moving forward so the bathroom, hall, 2 closets and the bedroom are all getting worked on in various stages.

***indicates boyfriend project, or boyfriend and his daddy project.

Large Closet (not in any order):
• ***Remove the existing light fixture and replace it with the one I already bought.
• Obtain a ladder to finish painting the walls and shelving units.
• Paint the ceiling
• Paint the other side of the door.
• Change out the door handle (to a nice silver).
• *** put in the new door frames
• Paint the baseboards and let them dry.
• ***Put in the new base boards.
• New carpet

Small Closet:
• Paint Ceiling
• Buy new mirrored door and install it.
• Paint baseboards and let them dry
• ***Install baseboards
• New carpet

• ***Put in new hardware fixtures
• ***Caulk around the outside of the tub. (or me if we get that ladder)
• ***Remove the medicine cabinet from the wall (a bent stripped screw is keeping me from doing this… I can’t get the crappy one out)
• Remove the vanity mirror and scrape only paint residue with a razor. Paint outside of the mirror frame.
• ***Remove light kit from the wall for painting the room purposes.
• Buy the paint for the bathroom (different color then the rest of the place)
• Paint the ceiling
• Paint the bathroom walls
• *** remove existing tile
• ***replace the tile with new tile
• Paint the baseboards
• ***Put in the baseboards
• Put in the new door frames
• Look for a new counter top and sink with new fixtures.
• *** Install the countertop and new sink fixtures
• Put all the electrical outlet covers on the wall.
• Paint the door and the door jamb
• Replace the door handles with a nice happy silver color.
• Buy and install a towel rod/hanger thing
• Buy and install a shower curtain rod
• Buy a toilet paper holder thing
• Possibly buy an over the toilet organizer thing and toss the current shelving unit that we already removed. If not put the old one back in.
• Put in the new door stopper

• Paint ceiling
• Paint baseboards
• ***Put the new base boards in
• Paint the door jamb
• Fix that weird outlet/cable thingy
• ***Look at the sliding doors leading out to the patio… replace or fix. (this isn’t a priority right away)
• Put in the new door stopper.
• Custom plantation shutters.
• New carpet.
And this is just one half of the house.

Living Room/entry way/Dining Room:
• Paint Ceiling
• Paint the walls
• Paint the door leading into bedroom
• Remove the tile and carpet.
• New fake wood floors
• ***Install door trim
• Paint baseboards
• ***Install baseboards
• Put all the outlets and switch covers on.
• Find wall A/C unit and buy.
• Submit paperwork for it to be installed.
• Install A/C Unit
• Fix the sliding Glass doors and screens
• Custom plantation shutters for the sliding glass doors.

Then there’s the kitchen but I’ll just leave that for now.

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  1. a ladder is a good thing to have around anyway, but i couldn't have painted without my roller extender. I think it was like 8 bucks.

    Granted, I was/am using it for high walls on the main level and low ceilings on the upper level, so maybe that's not helpful for a ceiling at average 8ft height.