Saturday, October 31, 2009

midweek remodel jazzzzzz

My hopes for the weekend in terms of my condo (taking into effect that I have to work on Sunday, so I only have Monday and Tuesday (I took Tuesday off) to work on the condo-- which means solo projects and phone calls this week... as I won't be around to solicit any friends to help me over "the typical weekend."

I'll be getting a little overtime for Sunday which will be good. =)

Stuff I got done mid-week:

I got rid of the old stove –Listed the sicker on Craigslist for free, but after a long ordeal, I ended up getting $20.00 for it and its gone from my kitchen.

***Moved electrical outlets per kitchen design. Boyfriends co-worker came over to my condo three days this week when he had some spare time and moved all three outlets for me… free of charge.

***Got 4 can lights installed. Boyfriend’s co worker also installed 4 can lights in my kitchen, complete with a dimmer switch. It took 4 trips to home depot because we kept buying the wrong bulbs, but alas, its finished!

Patched holes made when outlets were moved. We did this last night. I’m pretty darn handy… I did things boyfriend couldn’t figure out. Like cutting the free paint stirring sticks we got at the home depot and gluing them to the back of the drywall so we had something to help keep the old dry wall we shoved back in the hole in place while i covered it with spackle. Yup, go me.

Bought cover plates for moved outlets. Some of the “holes” will need cover plates because they still have electrical wires in them and if we don’t plate it, it could be a fire hazard.

I got the correct number for the Plummer who knows how to turn the boiler off, so that saves me at least $130 to have the guy come down to turn the water off. My valves are rusted and we can't turn the water off to put in the new sink and fawcetts I bought, so alas, we have to have athe valves replaced, and the water turned off, which means I should replace all my valves so I never have to worry about turning off the water and knocking out water to four buildings. yup, 4 buildings on one boiler.

I saw one granite company that I like better then home depot because I can get a dark black granite for around the same price, but then I got coupons in the mail for the company so I’ll call them this week to get better idea of how the coupon will affect pricing.

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