Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I paid my mortgage

I went to the bank yesterday… and really excitedly asked the teller if I could pay my mortgage payment for the month.
I was kind of weary of mailing the check without the official stub, as I’m not sure when it will arrive. (they gave me a temporary one at closing so I could make my payment on time if I didn’t receive it… but they didn’t tell me when I should stop waiting for it to arrive and mail the payment with the temp slip…)
So I handed the man at the counter a check and he imputed it for me and I got a receipt.
It felt really good to pay my mortgage… Dunno why, but it felt nice to pay my mortgage. =)

--- Condo update---
Apparently boyfriend put primer on all my walls for me while I was working and the like. So tomorrow we paint part of the living room after the kitchen estimate guys come and measure.

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  1. I love to pay my mortgages on my properties too. Plus, paying a little bit extra each month keeps it fun.