Monday, October 5, 2009

The first weelend of condo repairs and fixes...

If you remember from my last post I wanted to accomplish the following tasks:

Clean, buy (and hopefully install) 2 ceiling fans with remotes, install the smoke detector, fix the slow draining sink, and decide on floor type and paint colors... then scehedual kitchen estimate..

Well I did most of that and more. A few friends called an volunteered their services and this is what got done:

My condo was disinfected and cleaned.

Both fans were installed with their respected remotes.

ALL outlets that needed to be GFI were installed.

ALL outlets were updated and modernized

ALL switches were upgraded.

ALL base boards were removed.

3 door stoppers

Smoke detector was installed

The drain is actually broken, so we rigged it to drain for the time being. (i didn't use the drain cleaner.

All the holes were spackled.

The toilet seat was replaced

We installed another light fixture in the enterance way.

wow... thats a productive 2 days.

here's what I bought (some things I cant read off the reciept from Home Depo.. but for the most part):
2 ceiling fans
6 CFLs
toilet seat
step stool
2 mounting kits for the fans
smoke detector
drain cleaner
spackling knife
all new switches
3 door stops
phone jacks
new wall plates
GFI outlets
2 ceiling fan remotes
1 20 watt outlet
exacto knife

Things I didn't use yet:
painters tape
8 piece paint set
paint liner
medicine cabinent

Grand total: 561.30

then I treated my friends to dinenr for their hard work: $66.64 = $627.94 phew

next weekend hopefully the bathroom, if not paint and primer the bedroom.


  1. ahh, I remember my long recipets from Lowes. Luckily Discover card was doing 5% on home improvement purchases at the time. :) They also had a good paint rebate going on. Then all of a sudden my trips just dropped off and I went to Lowes last week thinking how weird it was that I hadn't been there in a few months. A good thing!

  2. oh, and I would kill for a friend with electrical skills...I still need to put in a 3-way switch for my basement light and someday I want to put a funky/modern chandelier in my dining room, and another outlet in my bedroom.

  3. Okay, if you're going to put down that you're a Summa Cume Laude grad you should spell summa cum-laude correctly.

    In your header, Rockefeller is mispelled.

    You're going to be better at finances THAN your family

    respected remotes s/b respective remotes

    baseboards is one word

    entrance way

    Good luck.

  4. Wow Anonymous, this is a finance blog, not a spelling blog. Heaven forbid she make a few spelling errors. Jealous much of her financial savy? I know I am=) Congrats on getting all that done. We have been in our house a year and still working on all the little touches.