Friday, September 11, 2009

lots of updates thrown in one post

I was looking at my pay stub where it shows how much money I’ll make this year and I think I’m just barely going to make what I made last year because I get three extra checks instead of two this year…

Speaking of money, I got paid today and set aside my rent payment for October. 2 more rent payments to make and my lease is over. Wow.

I haven’t heard anything back from the condo people… so maybe today. I hope to know before the weekend so I can spend Saturday thinking my options over, or celebrating my new home.

I didn’t get the job. I knew it was going to be a long shot, but apparently I gave the other candidates a run for their money. I need to hone my interview skills though. While some people don’t say enough, I say too much. I ended up answering questions that weren’t asked of me yet while I was answering other questions. I need to learn to hone answers and the lady in HR said she’d coach me the next time interviews came around for a promotion because she thinks I would have done that job really well. (Most people are in their 30’s when they get it, so a 23 year old applying is a long shot.) But for the time being I’ll get my raise (from my review that should have been done in May) and that means I’ll be making more money with my current job then I would with the new one. My pension will also continue to grow faster then if I took the new job since it was only part time and this is full time. I’m also working out more on my lunch breaks and getting healthier. I have the inner satisfaction that this place would die without me (In my humble opinion I do so much here that no one person could replace me). All of these things are the positives of me keeping my job. I’m focusing on these to help me do one day at a time.

I’m enjoying my new Saturday night church because I get 2 days off that I don’t have to really do anything and it’s lovely. I’ve never felt like I’ve had a weekend before and its really nice to be able to break up my laundry over 2 days and not worry about getting up early to do it…. So what am I doing this Sunday, getting up early to work out with my sister (she’s been bugging me about it and since I work at a gym I think she’s thinking I’m her new free trainer…..)

My roommate told me that if I loose the place she won’t “kick me out” at the end of the lease. I was talking with her new roommate (who is way chill and I love her… and would totally move in with her tomorrow) and she told me that she could always wait a bit for me to figure things out before moving in so I could stay longer in my apartment if I needed to since they decided to keep our place instead of hunt for a new one… but then boyfriend told me that roommate was planning on having her friend move in anyways and have me there. (I’d guess they’d share a room and we’d live in boxes since roommate has sooooo much crap…) Please realtor, call me back with good news!

I also bought another $100 CD for my Roth and purchased $100.00 in mutual funds.

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