Friday, September 25, 2009

Its open enrollment time at work

Looks like health care costs are still going up. I’m allotted $825.00 a month in employer paid benefits. Last year my health insurance with Kaiser and my small dental plan cost me $442.54 a month… this year it costs me $472.98…

Which means I get a “pay cut” because my unused benefits are cashed out into my paychecks. Last year I got $191.23 a check… this year I’ll only be getting $176.01 a check.

Hopefully my raise will be processed soon to help offset the difference. I’m hoping it will go through soon because I want to use my retroactive pay from may 20th to now to get a nice 88 key weighted keyboard… (I started piano lessons with one of my friends who is recently unemployed to help him out financially, and because I’ve always wanted to learn. You can’t beat $20 bucks for an hour lesson.) but I’m hoping it comes soon because I need to practice and have nothing to practice with! Eek!

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