Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Yesterday I got up at 4:30am, was at work by 5:15am… jogged on my lunch break AND made phone calls to figure out our pot luck bible study dinner, completed my shift at 2:15pm, drove from my work to my apartment, then past my work again to go to the realtors office that’s far away by 3:15pm… signed and read more paperwork and confirmed our inspection time for Monday… and found out that my realtor didn’t tell me I needed a cashier’s check by tomorrow morning… so at 4:00pm I headed to the bank for a cashier’s check, which brought me over to my apartment again because there wasn’t a single BOFA on the way there—only to have the fire department not let anyone in the building… so I had to drive to the only other one another city over (but thank God it was open till 6pm)…

then I had to head over to a different BOFA loan center (right by my apartment) to drop off further papers by 5:30 (I got there at 5:15) to help them track my finances and get my loan processed faster. Then back to my realtor’s office (at least it was the one near my apartment that we usually meet at)… and was at my apartment by 5:30pm to pick up the food I dropped off earlier for the potluck…

to have boyfriend pick me up... only to drop something off on the way to the study at someone elses house … to finally get there at 6:10 (we were supposed to be there at 5:45) and then cooked for 8-10 people… (I had to cook cause boyfriend had to pick up another person after he dropped me off). Then we had to drop her off on the way home… and I finally got to collapse when I got home and was dead to the world by 10:30pm… to be up at 4:30am for work again… today

And boyfriend wonders why I’m so tired and grouchy…

not to mention that I’ve lost 11 lbs since going to the doctors so my body is all wacky and NONE of my pants fit, (my belts won't go tighter and i'm in the smallest hole... I can’t eat chips and salsa and I really wanted chips and salsa last night with the tacos (I had to make a salad)… ...

but after I almost broke down crying in the car on the way to the home I think he got the point that I don’t need his whining about me not being perky and fun the last couple of days and being rather short with him due to exhaustion.

After all, yesterday was HIS day off and he sat at home.


  1. Your boyfriend is jealous of you and is beginning the early stages of manipulating you. His behavior sounds very typical and immature. Typical in that insecure men want to find fault with you as soon as you make progress with you own life goals (i.e. your new house purchase.) Remember your disappointment with him with the debt he accrued a few months back? Ask him to pull his credit report tomorrow and see what kind of reaction you get. To criticize you now, with all that is going on in your life, i.e. your health, is just his way of expressing jealousy. Additionally it sounds highly fishy that he was chauffering another girl around for bible study potluck yet didn't offer to help you out one iota with all that you had to deal with yesterday.

    I hope you consider looking at him more objectively and establishing better boundaries with him regarding how he treats you.

    You're an amazing kid (not that you're a kid) dont' let this Bozo hold you back in life. There are better quality men out there; ones who deserve your high standards. As a musician he is already predisposed to want the limelight for himself and very self-absorbed.

  2. I'm not worried about him running off with another girl.

    As for the maturity thing-- I know he's not at the same level as me, but he's making progress. (I'm only "such an amazing kid" because I had to deal with crap a lot sooner then others... that's why my heads on straight.)

    and my bozo won't hold me back. If we grow apart and want different things down the line, we'll part. But right now I believe we're on the same tract and i'm just waiting for him to catch up with me.