Friday, July 31, 2009

I've been at the doctor's the past two days

Yup. and they have no idea why i keep getting sick.

Xrays, blood and urine tests, the whole nine yards. and nadda.

They ruled out anything that can kill me in the time being and told me to come back next month when i get sick again (I get sick every month with the same thing and it just keeps getting worse... abdominal pains, eventually throwing up... all about a week before my girly time)...

When i was little... i had bad periods once every three months. I'd throw up and get sick. Tylenol (if taken the morning i wasn' feeling great) reduced my suffering and i didn't throw up. This worked till high school.

It was now every other month i'd get sick... and the tylenol only helped with some of the pain... and i'd still throw up. Towards the end of high school, the dry heves started... and i'd pray to throw up... it hurt less to be frank about it... and once i got to the point of throwing up, it normally subsided and disappeared.

In college it moved to once a month at 10:00am on a tuesday. this scared me since it was so exact and pin pointed... and since i finally had health insurance i went to the doctors about it... they did all kinds of tests and the doctor didn't know what it was so he called it abdominal migranes, and put me on birth control to "regulate my hormones."

and for the most part it worked, i got sick seldom, and then not at all.

I also decided that i personally needed to loose weight at the same time i started the birth control... i was fat and wayyyy too heavy for my frame. I went from 178 to 145-150 ish in a year... (and i've kept that off to this day.) towards the end of college I accidentally forgot to renew my meds after a long term paper so i assumed i'd get sick... But i didn't. So i went another month and i didn't get sick. I figured all the weight i'd lost ahd put my body back on tract hormonally and i was good. No meds, no sickness, WOOT!!!

Then i started getting sick after college at 148-150 lbs... they put me back on Birth contol since that worked before and they figured my hormones had re-escalated over time.... but then i got migranes... they switched to a different brand and gave me migrane meds... i still got sick and never took the migrane meds because they disappeared on their own... but we switched again to another brand... still sick...

But this month, yesterday the pain was the worst its ever been. I was at the doctors by 8:00am with an appointment... after a slew of tests, me vomitting in the office... I was eventually dismissed with a powerful liquid laxative (they wanted to clean me out for this mornings blood test to rule out an appendix even though my pain was not in that area)...

I took 10 ounces of that nasty liquid as directed (normally with constipation they have you drink only 5 ounces and your on the toilet all day) ... I had ten and the bathroom did not rule my world although it was frequently used... but i still had pain at 9:00pm when i went to sleep. When i got up this morning i still had the pain. It wasn't as bad as the day before... and not as frequent, but still there.

Forever in my history its always been gone by 2:00pm on the same day that i originally had it.

So, i went in today, got my blood tested and he ruled out anything that could kill me immediately.... and told me to tough it out and see if I could try and loose some ore weight (since that worked before and my BMI is still higher then it should be) and if i get sick again next month to come back... and they'd see what they could do.

as i type this is still get little spasms of pain in my stomach (which never used to be the carse). I guess i get to deal with it and go on an extream diet... and definently low carb according to the doctor... who prescribed me nothing for the pain... He offered me heart burn medication, but I don't have heart burn so i didn't get it.

The only thing i know that made me loose weight was the program for compulsive eaters annonymous. At that point i was using food for comfort... hense why i ballooned up in college...

It's basically 30 days of just protien, fruit, and veggies to continue to clean your system out (and its best to take some bene-fiber or something so your not constipated)... and then after that adding in whole grains that contain no flour and sugar-- aka Brown rice, brown rice pasta, bread without flour, and a few simple startches here and there in small amounts.)

I'm cleaning out the fridge today. If i know Boyfriend won't eat it, i'm not keeping it in there. Thirty Days Here I Come... anything to make my body function at this point.


  1. have they checked you for endometriosis? from what you described it sounds like you have a lot of the symptoms of it..especially since the bc helped for a while but then stopped helping.

  2. I'm not sure. I'll e-mail my doctor when i get my Kaiser password...


  3. I am married and have a child. During my pregnancy I began having a lot of gas. Not "the farts" just a lot of tightness and cramping in my tummy. After my daughter was born I went on the pill. For the last five years, right AFTER my period I often have very severe cramping, light-headedness, and occasional throw-upy feelings. Not every month, but close. Once I fainted from it while "on the throne" and hit my head on the bathtub. Taking 250mg of simethicone gas relief capsuls are the only thing that have helped and after going to the doctor he said it sounded like I just had bad gas and should keep taking the pills for relief. I don't know if any of this sounds familiar, but I thought I'd mention it just in case. I don't have much faith in doctors anymore.

  4. I agree to get checked for endometriosis. Also, did they check for ovarian cysts? I've had a couple burst and its the worst pain. It's the only time I've been sick enough to curl up on my bathroom floor hoping to die, while vomiting every 10 or 15 minutes for a couple hours. Awful.

    I have a tremendous amount of empathy for you. Even with BC to regulate my horomones, I have at least 4 really bad months every year. I guess its better than every time being hell though.