Monday, July 13, 2009

the downfalls of puppy sitting... but i don't miss my roommate....

Now before I rant. I love puppy sitting. I REALLY DO!

and i hate the idea of complaining, but so be it. I'm really bored.

It's my day off... The only day I get to sleep in (work 5 days, and I'm in the worship band at my new church so i have to get there early) and the dogs woke me up at 5:30am....... and they didn't even have to go to the bathroom!!! They just decided to get up. Of course I let them sleep in the bed with me and not in their kennels because i'm a good sitter and they like the bed.

Normally, I get up and take a nice 3+ mile walk on Monday mornings around the pretty lake that's by my apartment.... but now i'm just sitting around the house... cause there is no place to walk to. their gorgeous house is in a gated community and their in the back... after long twisted hills... It would take at least 2 hours for me to walk up hill from their house to the main gate... and then i'd be stuck stairing at cookie cutter houses all morning long... and another 2 hours to walk back looking at more cookie cutter homes. Looks like I'm stuck in a world of driving all week long.

I garden on Mondays... I can't prune my plants... (but boyfriend is going to water them so they won't die.)

I left the book i was reading at home on accident, and boyfriend will bring it later today, but I was looking forward to finishing it now... oh well...

and i'm just plain bored... I don't watch TV... i like to be outside... I like having things to do...

The AC is nice for a change. and so is the internet. I just don't want to just sit around on my day off and do nothing but laundry... (which is nice not to have to drag down three flights of stairs and across the complex... but i kind of miss that because that's normal.)

I kind of miss my little silly community and my routine...

not so much the roommate... who got proposed to the other day by one of her ex's who she hasn't seen in a year (since her last pregnancy. He's the guy who popped the question when he got her knocked up, then ran away when she lost it.) Outta the blue he took her to Palm Springs for the week, proposed with a promise ring and told her he'd give her a week to think it over and if she said yes, she's get the engagement ring.

I think she's just using him for the week since they are both going to a mutual friends wedding and she wants to not go solo. She told our mutual friend that she's not going to marry him cause he's a jerk... but she wears the ring, accepts the gifts (the dress to wear to the reception, heels, purse, flowers....)

Will the drama ever stop with her? It was soooo hard to even look happy for her when she told me. In my mind i was like, here we go again... She was just pregnant a few weeks ago with another man's child and now she's engaged....

why can't life juts be simple?

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  1. i just caught up on your blog. i'm wondering if the suspicion i have from your RIP for the baby is a suspicion you, yourself have.

    either way, it's very sad. I'm sorry your roommate seems to have some major issues. It will be good for you to move on without her!