Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So i did my charity 5 K yesterday on Memorial Day. It was amazing.

I did my 5k in 40 minuets and 20 seconds. (not bad for not training... well i had been getting cardio in via the pool, but i've been getting in shape for summer season at work, not running) I'm sooooo sore today though. I think i actually got in under 40 minuets because i didn't cross the start line at the same time the clock went off.

I raised $422 for charity, My team raised a total of $4,161.16 (mostly from one member who ran the half marathon and a group garage sale)... the charity raised at least $57,596.36

Not a bad memorial day at all. =)

Next time I'm going to train and hopefully get around the 35 minuet mark. So hopefully i can train doing three and a half ten minuet miles so i'm set for race day.

check out my charity: CHILD SHARE

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  1. Congrats on your 5k! Great to hear how much ChildSHARE raised. =)