Wednesday, May 6, 2009


It's been so long since i've been able to make another KIVA loan. I logged on this morning and found more countries that i've yet to loan to so I took some re-paid funds and loaned them out.

One of my loans was really close to being re-paid off and i haven't really gotten to do much with KIVA in a while so I decided to re-loan some of the money back out a little earlier then norma. (I normally wait until a loan is fully re-paid to re-loan out funds.)

So where and what did i loan to? A group wanting to purify water.

Kalobwe Ngoy has spent almost his entire life in business. Through primary and secondary school and up through advanced studies to the present, he has acquired a solid experience in earning a living. Kalobwe's first business was selling lamp kerosene, a business he began in 1978 with a starting capital of US$ 1 when he was still in second grade. From 1978 to 1988, Kalobwe worked hard and practiced good management which allowed him to accumulate profit that he used to diversify his business, adding the sale of charcoal and smoked fish.

In 1988 he had a total capital of US$ 200. After having received his official high school diploma in 1988, Kalobwe went to Kinshasa to register for higher studies. From 1989 up to the present, he got into another type of business selling larval caterpillars (as food), which are much in demand in Kinshasa. His beginning capital for the new business in 1989 was US$ 150.

Over the years and using the profit he accumulated, he managed to begin selling other products as well, for example peanuts and purified water. Presently, Kalobwe has a capital of about US$ 1000 and his business is generating a profit of US$ 300 per month.

Working with HOPE since July 2008, Kalobwe wants to make his dream come true: opening a little factory making purified water. His business is situated in the north-west district of the city of Kinshasa. He is 43, married and the father of 8 children from 1 year old to 20 years of age. Six of his children are enrolled in school. Kalobwe and his family love their businesses because they provide them with the financial means to solve household problems.

Group Name: Mobateli Plus Group
Group Members:
Kalobwe Ngoy
Widji Mbofotala
Thérèse Luzayamo
Aicha Enzayi
Nicolas Ngondi
Landu Niegi
Nzuzi Sita
Freddy Mutanda
Suzanne Kabala
Maguy Betokaka
Léontine Ekole
Maguy Ebenzo
Alpha Mbala Ki
Monique Lubanzadio
Marie Mbwangi
Gabrielle Kanza
Bekomba Djema
Liliane Nzuzi
Nzenge Matuvanga
Rachel Luboko
Gisèle Lomboto
Jeanne Luzolo
Thérèse Ngalula
Hortense Mompongo
Maguy Sulubika
Marie Mayimona
Lombe Lofaka
Madeleine Bansenga
Location: Kinshasa, The Democratic Republic of the Congo
Primary Activity: Manufacturing
Loan Amount: $2,750.00 (me= $25.00)
Loan Use: purchase of bags to pack purified water in for sale
Repayment Term: 6 months - View details below
Lenders Repaid: Monthly

I've made loans in the following countries:
Manufacturing, The Democratic Republic of the Congo
Fruits & Vegetables, Dominican Republic
Livestock, Tajikistan ----ALMOST PAID BACK!
Food Production/Sales, Peru
Fish Selling, Nigeria
Housing, Nicaragua
Fish Selling, Cambodia
Medical Clinic, Uganda ---RE-PAID IN FULL


  1. Awesome! I just made my very first KIVA loan last week!

  2. Wow, excellent. You have done so many! I only gave out my second one earlier in the month. I love it though, Kiva really rocks.