Friday, March 20, 2009


I over budgeted my utilities so far for the month.

Gas 18.52/ 30.00
electric 7.88/30.00

I took the extra a sent it to the roth. I'm still waiting on my water bill (any day now) when it comes, hopefully its under 30 and then the extra i'll send over to the roth too. Right now i've put in

3675.88 for the year. I have one extra check of 1124.08... So i need to save up 200.04 more. Hopefully i'll have a few extra dollars left over from my gas/car budget this month to send that way. I'm hoping and it's totally a huge stretch but maybe by the end of April I can have this thing funded so I can worry about my other goals for the year.

and with the happy market corrections over the past few days, my roth is only down 20.69% (well it helps when you add money in that hasn't lost it's value... Maybe by the end of the year it will get out of the negative 20 and enter the 15-19%... hey, one can dream.)

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  1. That would be really awesome to have it all set and ready to go by April... you seem like you're well on your way though, good luck!