Thursday, January 8, 2009

Move update:

$55.00 in utility turn on and change of name services.
$1.00 usps to change my address
$15.00 Application fee
$100.00 Hold fee

1795 due at lease signing (1495 rent, 300 rest of deposit)... 700 from roommate hopefully....

I'm renting a trailer for aroun $41 to hook up to my friends suburban. I'll get the final price later this week.

Feb, we pay the pro rated rent which should be around 400 for me, 350 for roommate...

and I should be getting a $500.00 deposit back from my original place (400 will be mine to cover this down payment.)

I also noticed my current place has not cashed my rent check. I'm going to call to figure out why they have not cashed my check.

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