Monday, December 29, 2008

Random Updates...

I heart Kaiser…
Prescriptions $5.00 for a 3 month supply!!!

I’m planning a Rummage Sale with my college group… so its time to weed down possessions and clean the apartment!

Retirement Updates:
I finally got some answers about that old retirement money I had from when I was 16 from Nationwide. The Current Balance as of today is $1,030.03… and it’s apparently earning less then 2%... and I’m not allowed to invest it, change it’s options… or take it out. It’s stuck there until I terminate my employment with the City I currently work for. I can’t use it to buy some of my Cal PERS time either. It will just sit in limbo.

I also have a work 401 account. My employer takes 1% of my paycheck out to pay to Cal PERS… and they take the same amount as a “match” and put it into a 401 account. Apparently I chose to split these funds 3 ways.
• 34% goes to a Bond/Money Market Fund.
• 33% goes to a Target date 2040 Mutual Fund
• 34% goes to a large cap Fidelity investment that deals with something internationally.
The combined total of these investments is worth $268.55

Then I have my Cal PERS pension… which is currently worth: $6,605.55
Then I have my Roth IRA (mutual funds)… This is currently worth: $5,936.66
Then I have my Roth IRA (CD’s… This is currently worth: $1,007.37

For a grand total of: $14,848.16 with the crappy market…
----With and additional $1,000.00 Set aside to purchase some Cal PERS time

Emergency Fund Updates:
BofA Checking $1,286.39 --- I’d like to have a full month of rent in here.
So $208.61 more is needed.
ING Electric Checking $500.00
ING CD’s $2,700.00
I GO Banking $2,300.00

Grand Total: $6,786.39

House Down Payment Updates:
$8,224.03 … Including Closing Costs…

Sadly… interest rates have dropped…
ING Direct : 2.75% interest
Emigrant Direct 2.75 % interest
IGO Banking 3.08% interest…

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