Friday, March 9, 2018

March 2018 Networth

NET WORTH: March 2018
Primary Checking$16,125.00 $ (2,592.75)-13.85%
Savings $ 33,944.78 $ 357.22 1.06%
Roth IRA -1 $ 56,055.58 $ 1,430.07 2.62%
Roth IRA -2 $ 7,693.74 $ 204.54 2.73%
SCG - 457 & 401 (a) $ 11,123.56 $ 321.95 2.98%
SCB - 401k (vested $) $ 17,961.91 $ 420.79 2.40%
Camry $ 3,732.00 $ - 0.00%
Escort $ 1,650.00 $ - 0.00%
Condo $ 325,000.00 $ - 0.00%
Pension (Cash Value) $ 57,931.81 $ 621.04 1.08%
Mortgage $ (157,896.09) $ 236.89 -0.15%
NET WORTH: $ 373,322.29 $ 999.75 0.27%
This account normally contains only $1k. We normally keep an additional $1k in cash, but with contractors and construction projects going on in our condo, we have deposited the funds for safe keeping. The additional money will be spent on new flooring, and other large scale projects within the year, so we expect to see this account drop each month as we complete projects.

April should be a really good month for us... We will get hubs Profit Share bonus checks! 

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Little behind on posts...

I'm a little behind on posts and February will be a light month because i'm working a TON with Bunny Days, a grand re-opening and my regular load... but hey, were making magic happen one smile at a time, so it's all good in the end.

I literally just finished painting our dinning room though! I took today off work because i've got an event on Friday, and a training on Saturday and it was the only day I could flex some hours.

Hubs prepped and sanded the walls last night so I could paint them today!!!

Hello pretty Grey!

And these are the only walls I have left to paint... and then we will be rid of the horrible yellow of death...

Memo to self: Don't accept the "invite" to the co-worker "fitness" half hour lunch session the day before you plan to paint your dinning room... 

My shoulders were screaming at me before I even started and climbing down that ladder after a "21-day fix extreme" video was not fun on my booty... or squatting down to remove baseboards... or painting the lower walls....  I thought I was joining in on a little Pilates and stretch, maybe country heat or regular 21 day fix videos... not extreme...

Friday, March 2, 2018

What we spent in February (2018)

Every month we use our handy dandy spreadsheet to keep track of our expenses throughout the year in an effort to be more mindful of how we part with our hard earned resources.
I find that when we are more mindful with our spending, we enjoy the things we do as a family more... and we enjoy the things we already have because we aren't buying everything that comes across our radar of "oooohhhhh, that's cool...."

except for this month...

February was expensive. I'm just going to say it. We spent a lot of money. 

It wasn't all planned spending due to the car repairs and dental bills, but before those hit the pipeline for the month we had planned to make a few "fun" purchases since our tax return came in. We typically spend a bit more after we get our tax return because we stick to a pretty firm budget most of the time.

What we spent in February

Church Tithe/Giving: $955 (Higher than usual since I sold back my vacation time)
Groceries: $320.63
Eating Out: $82.96 
  • 2 sit down meals out as a family, plus 2 fast food lunches for hubs.
Housing: $3,803.62
  • HOA: $350
  • Mortgage: $764
  • Property Taxes: $280 transferred to savings
  • Fix our shower handle: $13.45
  • Front and interior doors ordered (through home depot): $2,468.17

Automobiles: $912.27
  • Gasoline
    • HUBS: $124.41
    • Me: $88.19
    • Work Gas Refund: - $26.49
  • Smog for the Camry: $37.15
  • Car Repairs:
    • EVAP ESVP: $300.76 (Camry)
    • Alternator: $388.25 (Escort)
Internet: $63.99
Fun money: ($39 each) $78.00
Audible: $14.99
Netflix (plus DVD rental): $19.60
Electricity: $49.43
Little Dude: $1,239.98
  • Big Air play date with mom: $16
  • Miralax: $25
  • Birthday decorations/supplies: $65.84
  • Easter Basket: $20
  • New Big Boy Mattress: $90.24
  • Birthday character bedding: $75
  • Spare sheets, mattress protector: $30.71
  • Poop Helpers: $15.06
  • Flash Cards: $2.14
  • Daycare: $900
Dr/Dentists: $1,195.00 - Dental hubs
  • Kibble, treats: $37.04
  • Grooming: $43.99
Clothing: $251.54
  • ME:
    • $197.69 / a dress, expensive shoes and PJ's
  • Hubs: 
    • $53.84 / Shoes.
Gifts/holidays: $97.25
  • Valentines Day: $97.25
    • Flowers and some small things for hubs. (My dress and shoes above were my valentines day)
Discretionary: $176.10
  • Sink Plugs, Card: $7.63
  • Woolite, Truffles, 2 dish scrubbers, 2 spatulas: $31.51
  • Casters for the Kitchen Shelves: $21.51
  • Fitbit bands $19.98
  • Keyboard for Hubs at work: $$58.00
  • CPU Mount to bring a second monitor to work: $30.00
  • Canning Bands: $6.45
Love looking at what we spent our money on? Check out What we spent in January 2018.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Another Raise??? Hubs work updates

So earlier in the month, Hubs requested we buy some things for his work... (we still own them, if he were to quit, he'd take them back home) but he wanted to make his work space a bit more efficient since their store has been running under staffed for some time as employees choose to leave and retire.

If you remember way way way back, we have two spare monitors. We sent one to Utah so when we go out to hang for the holidays, he can still game with his brothers... but we have been storing another one in our house that doesn't have a mount. Hubs really wanted a dual monitor set up at work and it isn't a high priority for their store since they have a staffing issue... so we bought a "mount" for it and hubs brought it into work. His boss didn't say anything as he set it up, but it has helped him a lot with his new duties at work as the pseudo ordering manager.

The other day when he was working, his boss was stressing because they had to order a complicated line of products and he thought he would need to do it himself... but Hubs had already started it and surprised his boss 45 minutes later when he walked into the office and ask what special order items he wanted to add to the order... his response was "your already done with it???" -- a task like that took the old project manager 5 hours... he did it in an hour and a half.

So, we set him up with a dual monitor at work since he's now doing a bulk of the store ordering and it makes him happier at work...

He also wanted a new keyboard. We have a new one at home that lights up when you press buttons, but it's also one of those "old school" ones where the keys make a taping sound when you press one (he got one with a sound dampener so he's not annoying at work), because he wanted to type on one type of system at both work and home... and it makes him happier at work...

Needless to say, work hasn't been all that happy as their store has been under staffed for a while, but hubs is picking up the slack in a HUGE way... but his boss is starting to look at him like his 2nd in command and that's an amazing thing.

Next week is profit share where they normally sit down and do annual performance updates, etc... his boss told him yesterday that he put in for him to get another raise now that his co-worker retired and isn't on the books anymore... but we will see what happens. He didn't mention how much of a raise he put in for hubs, but Hubs isn't even getting paid what he should be getting as lead inside sales... let alone purchase manager....

Hubs has a figure in mind that his boss needs to pay him... so we will see what happens there....  but profit share is coming. Apparently, it will be very similar to last year since they still have to pay the guy who retired his share (and as the old purchase manager he would receive a larger chunk of the profit share check.) But someone just quit yesterday, and they just hired a warehouse guy so those employees won't be receiving checks because they weren't at the store a whole year.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Slab Leak...

The tiles "affected" are the 6 right
next to the washing machine (in
front and to the left of the machine)
Yup. Title says in all for this post.

I had just come home from the HOA board meeting where I was following up on the fact that the deck above my unit STILL hadn't been replaced... and I also suggested the HOA quote out and think about installing dog poop bags because renters are NOT cleaning up after their pets.

So I get back, kick off my boots and start walking down the hall to switch out of my work clothes for my beloved mickey mouse pj's when I noticed the tile underneath my bare feet was warm... I paused and did my version of the bare foot boogie as I slid my feet around to see how much of the tile was warm. Our condo is on a boiler system so warm tiles don't always mean slab leak because sometime older pipes aren't well insulated but it seemed to only be affecting about 6 tiles in the middle of the hall and the rest were their normal chilled temperature.

Super glad hubs and I bought
casters for all our storage racks.
Made it easy for me to roll
everything out of the way for
the plumbers to get in and work.
I got on my hands and knees trying to get more info on the heat and found one tile that was really too warm to stand on for very long. After some inventive skills on Hubs' part (he swapped the dead battery out on our forehead scanner thermometer and then ran it along the various tiles since we don't have one of those fancy point and shoot temperature gauges)... we determined the warm tiles were 104 degrees and the super warm ones were over 110 because all the thermometer would do would flash HIGH Temp warnings at us.

I typed out a quick email to our HOA company, letting them know I was suspecting a slab leak in my unit. Thankfully I was adjusting hours the following day and had a planned day off, so early in the morning the plumber came by to check everything out.

The hottest tile was running 118 degrees... and he was also concerned not only about the tile temp, but the fact that the temperature dropped off so quickly with the other tiles... Since our HOA doesn't fix floor leaks by ripping out the floor... and since we had no visual water damage because i'm a vigilant homeowner...

It meant they were going to cut into my new and freshly painted and textured hallway and laundry room walls....

They started with just 2 cuts.... and then needed to turn off the water in the three buildings that are attached to the boiler.... and then that turned into 7 holes as they found the leaky pipe.

Then the fun began... they couldn't get a hold of the HOA to authorize them to actually re-route the pipe the same day.... so to stop the leak, they capped off my hot water pipe... which, since we are on a boiler system, means that everyone down the line from me also can't get hot water.... and it was a Friday, which meant if they didn't re-route the pipe that day, no hot water for me, and some of my neighbors until MONDAY....

But i'm magic. All morning long the plumbers couldn't get a hold of the HOA... but I could... and it shocked them. I called at 9 am when they went to cut into my walls to make sure the HOA would pay to repair them leak or not, and the HOA took my call to the surprise of the plumber...

and when I called again that morning for authorization for emergency water shut off, they also picked up...

so after the plumber made 5 attempts and sent 2 emails and was about to leave for the day without giving me hot water till Monday, I called the HOA and they took my call and within 2 minutes I had a verbal authorization to his supervisor and he and his extra guy started to re-route the pipe through the walls...

Instead of using another copper pipe, they installed pex piping... and I stayed out of their hair while they worked... But apparently when they were swapping out the pipe, they spilled a bunch of water in little dudes room and didn't say anything to me. Instead, we found damp floor rugs and clothes later in the day after they left...  they did a "rush" wipe up and didn't move things to get the furniture out of the way so we had to clean up after them....      :(

  • We had just purchased a new memory foam mattress for little dude (a thin twin version of ours for $90 off Amazon)... and the bottom of the box was so soaked that we didn't really have a choice but to take it out of the box to make sure it was still sealed and okay... and at that point keeping it hidden from little man was no longer an option, so he's sleeping on his big boy twin sized bed now... a whole 1.5 months BEFORE his birthday... (But he's not getting his buzz light year and woody bed set until his birthday)... He's stuck with the spare blue sheets we bought him.
  • AND I have to re-wash all the clothes in his "I out grew" this bag, since the bottom of the bag got all wet.... 
We may still have some warm tiles in the future without a slab leak since 4 more pipes run in that area, but it looks like we caught the leak before any water damage occurred to our property.

Apparently on Tuesday or Wednesday the Drywall guy will come by to patch the holes and texture the walls... and Thursday they will paint and touch everything up the plumbers had to cut through.

But, this is seriously having us re-consider carpet.

Knowing that all future water leaks mean pipes will go through the walls, and having the plumber talk about the moisture seepage our association has with the concrete foundation, our only flooring options since we are on the ground floor are carpet or tile.

We planned to do carpet in the bedrooms and tile everywhere else, but now we are strongly thinking tile everywhere is the best way to go... so we are going to re-quote out what it would cost to tile everything.... but that also means we would have to figure out how to move our closets if we don't carpet our master. (Our original plan was to do new carpet around the closets and leave them in place....) 

Friday, February 23, 2018

I sold vacation time...

Since I work for a local City, our paid time off and vacation are a little different then your normal private sector business. It varies from City to City, but i'm fortunate that all of our paid time off (so sick leave and vacations) are put into a single place.

Each paycheck I accrue a set number of hours for sick time and vacation and i'm only allowed to have so many hours in the pot before I am forced to take time off, or sell the hours back to the city during the once a year buy out.

The number of hours i'm allowed to have is actually quite high. I've only come marginally close to hitting my limit and that was when we were preparing for Little Dude's arrival and I needed all the hours I could bank so I could take off the full 12 weeks for maternity bonding time and still get a majority of my income.

But still its in the 600-700 range.

As a habit, I never let my vacation pot run below 200 hours, this was even after I took 12 weeks off with little dude, that way when I came back to work I still had the flexibility of 5 weeks of time off readily accessible for doctor visits, or emergencies.

At the end of 2017, I had 453 hours of paid time off... and we aren't planning on having a second child soon because we can't afford to have two in daycare at a single time.

With little dude getting older, daycare will eventually be replaced with a pre-school daycare combo since we need to pay someone to watch him and costs are very comparable. If we had family who would watch him while we worked, we could get by with a very affordable city run half day program, but that's not the case for us.

His current daycare costs us $450 every two weeks, or $900 a month unless its a three Friday month and we will need to shell out $1,350 for the month. We can get up to 2 vacation weeks where we only pay $50 for the week if we don't need care to save our space.

We actually found a really well liked (by friends and co-workers) christian pre-school right by my work that has better hours!!!!!! Our current daycare modified their hours after we started going there and it meant I couldn't take a lunch break at work if it meant getting my kiddo back on time (7:30-5 pm, so I had to do an 8-4 pm schedule).

This new pre-school will be open 7:30 am - 6:30 pm, which gives me the flexibility to get off work at 4 pm, get in a workout and a shower right after (our free gym will be 5 minutes from my office), OR I could also do a mid-day lunch break workout and get off at 5 pm and get him still by 5:15-5:30! This new place is actually on my way to work so I'll drive less than before and it will be much more efficient.... and if there is a day where I need to stay late day at work, I'm still okay since they close at 6:30, hubs could still work till 5 pm in San Clemente and then make it on time to preschool for pick up without having to skip his lunch and loose out on overtime hours when I have work events!!!

Now how does this tie in to selling my vacation hours?

Well, before we found this place, our currently daycare offered to discount her price if we enrolled Little Dude in the 1/2 day preschool program that she was already taking her son to three days a week. Instead of paying $450 bi-weekly, we would pay her $390 every two weeks ($45 for 2 full days, $35 for 3 half days -- she's letting us keep our full time discount without being full time) ... plus a monthly fee of $198 (April) and $308 (For end of April thru June 1) for the partial day preschool.

So $978- for April $1,088 for May

In order to come up with the extra money we would need every month, we opted to sell some of my vacation time since we felt our budget couldn't take the increase, and then pull out the difference needed each month...

So this was our back up plan, if we couldn't find a preschool/daycare combo (wait-lists are normal in our area), we would opt for a hybrid program and keep our current provider...

However, we were able to get Little Man into the place I mentioned earlier. He starts in September since they run a fall program, but Summer Camp opens up for registration in May 1st .... and it's around $200 a week (Might be cheaper) and you only select the weeks you need coverage for. They will be closed the week before and of Labor day for staff training and so teachers get a week off before school starts.... But he might be able to start his new school earlier depending how registration goes.

Now lets talk about tuition

You make 9, $910 payments that covers a 10 month school year... Which is cheaper than we are paying now in the long run... and since Summer camp there is typically $175-$200 a week, its also cheaper then the $450 bi-weekly payments we get now! We will have to pack him a lunch everyday, so groceries will go up slightly more, but little dude has also been much better with the potty, so eventually pulls at night and poop helpers will fade from our budget!


Keeping Little Dude in straight daycare isn't an option. Little dude is taking to some behavior problems because all his friends are old enough to go to the school class and he has to stay behind with the really little kids because he's not THREE yet... so we will most likely put him in the temp preschool for a couple months (April and May) until he's ready to go to his new school (Assuming Summer registration works) so everyone is sane.

My friend who goes to the temp preschool, got a different job with the city part time (she quit to be a stay at home mom a while ago), but since a part time position opened, she took it and will be sending her kiddos to our current daycare provider and the part time preschool, so that will be another regular buddy for him in both places before we move him to full time "pre-school."

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

More car troubles...

I spoke at my first ever professional networking workshop, and I'm super excited to say I knocked it out the park and my room was definitely on the full side of things!!!

They even clapped and people were coming up to me afterwards telling me how much they enjoyed it, so i'm totally stoked and officially love public speaking (yup, i'm sick).

I spoke on how to sell yourself on paper to land in order to land an interview... and spent 40 minutes talking about effective resumes, cover letters, applications and letters of recommendation. 

But i'm not sure why my family is conference cursed when it comes to automobiles. Earlier this months hubs told his conference car woes, and as I was driving back from Corona to my work after I was flying high on good feel endorphins, the check engine light on my car went on...

Needless to say, for about 20 minutes I was crossing my fingers and praying I would make it to my mechanic in one piece and that my car wouldn't shut down on me on the freeway.

Thankfully, I got there safely and in one piece and they ran a quick diagnostic to read the engine light code. Apparently I had a small leak somewhere and it triggered the light to come on. The guys in the shop told me it was safe to drive for the rest of the day (so I could get back to work and pick up little dude that at daycare... but it wasn't something to "put off"). We made plans to bring it back the next day since Daycare was closed so I had the day off of work anyway.

Our mechanic has an overnight drop off option, so around 8:30 hubs and I remembered AFTER we put little man down for bed that we needed to drive the car over to the mechanic. *** Face Palm ***

Thankfully he was still driving us crazy wide awake so we took our footie dressed toddler and we took both our cars to the mechanic so we could drop mine off for the next day. On the way back home, Little dude found a new way to hold his "light saber.." 

Yup, he shoved it through the hole ring of his nighttime binky... 

It kind of made the whole forgetting to take the car before bedtime worth it. Hubs and I just cracked up laughing in the parking lot while we asked him to pause for a photo... 

Thankfully it only ended up costing us $300.76... It could have been $800, but apparently my car only broke the UNUSUAL part of the system... The EVAP VSV valve. Normally, there is a different part that normally goes bad if this part is broken (The carbon canister), but mine was fine and didn't trigger a warning light after all the checks they did. 

But so far for the month between this and hubs $388.25 Alternator repair, we are at $689 for February car repairs :( and it is very probable that my carbon canister will be a future repair since the VSV valve broke, which is a $500 job.

oh yes, and that's on top of $1,185 in dental co-pays we have paid this month to get "SOME" of the work on hubs' teeth done... He's still got some more work to do... This is why you don't put off dental work and repairs and take your hubby's word for it... just force him to go.